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Scientific Topics

  • Silicon material and defect engineering
  • Wafering technologies and direct-wafer production
  • Junction formation
  • Cleaning, etching, layer deposition technologies, surface morphology and surface passivation
  • Carrier selective contacts, metallization and contact formation
  • Advanced light management
  • Cell and module characterization
  • Cell and module simulation
  • Digitalization, data processing and machine learning in PV
  • Process integration and low-cost manufacturing
  • New manufacturing tools
  • Si-based tandem cells in combination with perovskites, III-V and alternative materials
  • Module processing and materials
  • Module reliability and energy yield
  • Customized modules for buildings, vehicles and other special applications
  • High and record efficiency devices
  • nPV on Wednesday


Special category:

  • Review papers

Submitted review papers are reviewed in a separate category.

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Dates & Deadlines

Start of online registration: February 10, 2021
End of early bird: March 8, 2021
Deadline for full papers: April 23, 2021
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